Martin Callanan, ECR

Socialist Swoboda Must Apologise For UK Slur, Insists Callanan

Martin Callanan, ECR

Martin Callanan, British MEP and leader of the European Conservatives and Reformists Group in the European Parliament, has strongly criticised Socialist group leader, Hannes Swoboda.

Callanan insisted that Swoboda, a close ally of United Kingdom Opposition leader, Ed Miliband, should apologise for his “outrageous slur” against the British government, after claiming that the tragic murder of an Italian citizen was a consequence of the ‘rhetoric of the Conservatives in government.’ 

Swoboda attacked the UK government after the killing of Joele Leotta on Sunday night in Maidstone, England. Four Lithuanian men have been charged with his murder.

Callanan remarked: “To attribute blame for this tragic murder to the British government’s crackdown on illegal immigration is exceptionally low. Hannes Swoboda should apologise for politicising a tragedy.” He added: “Britain has always been a tolerant country that welcomes migrants who come to work and to contribute to society. We will continue to be. Labour should now tell us whether they stand by Swoboda’s slur.”

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