Paul Martiz, CEO, Pivotal and Paul Nannetti, Group Sales and Portfolio Director, Capgemini

Capgemini and Pivotal Announce Next Generation Big Data Partnership

 Paul Martiz, CEO, Pivotal and Paul Nannetti, Group Sales and Portfolio Director, Capgemini

Consulting, outsourcing and technology firm, Capgemini, and big data software company, Pivotal, announced today a new strategic partnership combining Capgemini’s business solutions expertise for big data and analytics with Pivotal’s market leading data platform technologies to deliver solutions for today’s increasingly data rich world.

Capgemini and Pivotal are co-innovating around big data and analytics to address the increasing volumes of data organizations are facing today. The first co-innovation focus area will be the ‘Business Data Lake’ which will bring a new approach to combining big data volumes from new sources with legacy data to provide business relevant analytics capabilities on a robust platform.

The Business Data Lake transforms how information is leveraged within the enterprise, moving away from a single centralized view. It enables a broad base of business users to create their own personal perspectives on all data: structured and unstructured, stored and streamed and from inside and outside their organization. The end result will provide agile and relevant analytical insight to a broad community of business users, and through real-time technology, integrate those insights directly into business processes.

Paul Maritz, CEO, Pivotal commented: “As we enter a new era of information centric computing, companies must co-innovate to solve tough problems for their customers. This is why we are working with Capgemini, a market leader in business analytics, around the Business Data Lake. This new offer represents our belief that the future of information insight within enterprises requires a new operating model, as both data volumes increase and real-time intelligent-response becomes a necessity of doing business.”

“We are very pleased to form a strategic partnership with Pivotal. By combining Capgemini’s expertise in leveraging big data and analytics to improve business performance, with Pivotal’s vision of the consumer grade enterprise, we can define exciting new opportunities for digital led transformation.” said Paul Nannetti, Group Sales and Portfolio Director, and Member of Capgemini Executive Committee.

Capgemini and Pivotal are working together to establish a dedicated Pivotal Center of Excellence (CoE) within Capgemini’s Business Information Management (BIM) center in India, that will scale to 500 dedicated Pivotal product experts by 2015. The CoE has access to over 8,000 information management practitioners and 6,000 Java developers.

Capgemini’s Pivotal leadership team will be co-located at the new Pivotal Palo Alto headquarters to enable close co-operation and support continued co-innovation.

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