Anne Delvaux, MEP, EPP, BE

Climate 2030 – EP Calls For 40% CO2 Emissions Reduction

Anne Delvaux, MEP, EPP, BE

The EU needs to curb its emissions of greenhouse gases by 40% by the year 2030, says the European Parliament’s Environment Committee. This is a major leap forward compared to the current target of a 20% reduction by 2020. Today’s vote on a Resolution drafted by Anne Delvaux MEP represents the Parliament’s input to the proposal for a new Climate and Energy Package which the European Commission is expected to present on 22 January.

Anne Delvaux stressed the need for ambitious measures to fight climate change: “After months of intense negotiations, we are very happy that our hard work has paid off. Building on the 20-20-20 climate goals fixed seven years ago, the European Parliament demands that the Commission comes up with an ambitious proposal that includes three binding targets: the reduction of CO2 emissions; the production of renewable energy; and the increase of energy efficiency.”

“The EU needs to be a world leader when it comes to clean energy. This not only benefits the environment, but also guarantees our energy supply. We will therefore continue our fight to limit global warming to 2°C compared to the 1990 level.”

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