Timothy Kirkhope, MEP, ECR, UK

Snowden Gets European Parliament Audience – Live And Interactive

Timothy Kirkhope, MEP, ECR, UK

The European Parliament’s Civil Liberties committee has agreed that NSA fugitive Edward Snowden can give evidence to an inquiry into the allegations he has made – but only if he appears in a live and interactive session.

European Conservatives and Reformists Group spokesman on the inquiry, Timothy Kirkhope MEP, continues to oppose any platform being given to Snowden, but said he would prefer him to be challenged and cross-examined, rather than being given a free platform.

Mr Kirkhope said: “Edward Snowden has endangered lives. Inviting him at all is a highly irresponsible act by an inquiry that has had little interest in finding out facts and ensuring a balanced approach to this delicate issue.

“At least if Snowden wants to give evidence to MEPs he will now have to come out of the shadows and risk his location being discovered. The Committee was clear that if Snowden is not willing to appear in an interactive session then the evidence must not go ahead. If Snowden believes in the rule of law then he should stop running and face the consequences of the actions that he consciously took.

“I doubt whether this evidence will ever happen. Regardless, even the extension of an invitation has caused significant damage to the credibility of the European Parliament. Instead of acting like a responsible body charged with finding a good balance between lives and liberties, the Civil Liberties committee continues to act like a school debating society that is oblivious to the risks the West now faces, and the tactics used by our enemies.”

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