Sajjad Karim, MEP, ECR (UK)

ECR’s Karim Pushes Presidential Bid To Group Leaders

Sajjad Karim, MEP, ECR (UK)

Sajjad Karim MEP, nominated as the European Parliament Presidential candidate by the ECR group, has today written to the leaders of all the main groups in the European Parliament seeking their backing.

He said: “With such an increase in the extremists vote it is imperative Europe listens and reacts. Far too many people were easily persuaded by the anger, poison and divisive politics advocated by extremists. There is a reason for that. EU citizens are angry. They say it’s time for change.”

“It simply is not good enough for us to say things are to remain as they are. The same old politics. With the same names.  The same faces. The same ideas.

“The time to embrace what our citizens want is now.

“I am relying on a track record of 20 years elected public office, 10 of which have been served here in the European Parliament. I have served diligently working across groups and political divides always seeking consensus and delivery.

“Unfortunately the image of the EU in the world has been tainted by these recent elections. I ask the group leaders: is it not now time to reinstate our values of tolerance, acceptance and diversity? Is it not now the time to project the true future face of Europe? It cannot happen if we remain shackled to the same old politics. We must reach beyond and unify for Europe.”

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