Gran Melia, Luxury Hotel Business

Gran Meliá Hotels: The Paradise of Business Luxury

Gran Melia, Luxury Hotel Business

How does paradise look? The answer would probably be: a blue sky, a blue sea and a blue lake to swim in. This paradise has a location: Gran Meliá Palace Isora in the Spanish Island of Tenerife. Gran Meliá is the premier collection of Meliá Hotels International. Currently undergoing expansion, there are now nine Gran Meliá hotels across the world, mostly in growing urban centres.  

The brand’s main focus is to expand in both urban and resort locations, especially in the United States and the Middle East, but without neglecting development in Europe or Asia. Gran Meliá Hotels can be found in Europe (Madrid, Palma de Mallorca, Seville, Tenerife, Marbella, Rome), South America (Puerto Rico and Venezuela), Southeast Asia (Jakarta) and, in the pipeline, China (Xi’an) and Maldives Islands.

Meliá Hotels started in Palma de Mallorca, the biggest of the four Baleares Islands, surrounded by the Mediterranean Coast. Gabriel Escarré founded a little hotel in Mallorca: that was the seed. In the years to come, the hotels started to expand along with the boom of tourism in Spain during the sixties.

Gran Meliá hotels offer the luxury to exigent clients, willing to pay a premium for first-rate hospitality experiences. One of the added values Gran Meliá suggests is the so-called RedGlove Service. An employee delivers a heartfelt greeting to each guest, by name. The RedGlove greeting, an open hand placed across the heart, is derived from the tradition of Flamenco. It represents the fan as a symbol of the hotels’ Spanish heritage.  R.E.D (Real Exceptional Differences) is the very heart of Gran Meliá brand experience. The presence of dedicated RedGlove Service positions further distinguishes the concept as truly unique within the hotel industry.

In each main lobby, guests are greeted by a woman, dressed in red, called like the eighties song, Lady in Red. She serves as the guest’s first encounter with the culture of the RedGlove.

RedLevel guests enjoy special amenities and the dedicated assistance of a personal butler, access to private lounge offering VIP check-in/check-out services and premium room and suites with upgraded comforts and services, such as complimentary Wifi, cordless phones and espresso machines. At resorts, like in Costa Rica, the RedLevel experience also features private pool areas.

Amongst the best examples of the hotels’ special care to details, there is Gran Meliá Villa Agrippina. Located in Rome, on the archaeological site of a historical villa, it draws its name from empress Agrippina, the hotel is placed where once was her home. The area, considered World Heritage Site by UNESCO, is unique. The masterpiece of the Gran Meliá brand is the site of archaeological remains belonging to the original Villa Agrippina. Guests can enjoy stunning works of art before treating themselves to a treatment or session with a personal trainer in the hotel spa.

The gastronomy is also the pièce de resistance of Gran Meliá hotels, five-star restaurants evoking the tastes of the countries. The best International, Mediterranean and Italian cuisine is an offer at the numerous restaurants that can be found in any Gran Meliá.

One of the best examples is the restaurant Viva Voce, in Gran Meliá Villa Agrippina. Viva Voce, phrase coined by the Spaniards centuries ago, pays tribute to the “word of mouth”, method used to transmit the intellectual wealth left behind by the Arab culture when their rule in the country ended. In many cultures, and particularly in the Mediterranean, eating has always signified something more than the simple fact of nourishing oneself. To eat is to share, to learn, to understand, to celebrate, to enjoy and to know other cultures.

Viva Voce is ruled by Alfonso Iaccarino, a gourmet restaurant, who tributes to Mediterranean culture and character, to Mediterranean cuisine and customs. A privileged place surrounded by gardens and in the very heart of the Eternal City, ideal to satisfy the most demanding palates.

Gran Meliá luxurious hotels are more than exquisite gastronomy, architecture, and outstanding views. They are the luxury raised to a category of unforgettable experiences where visitors can make every moment to count.

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