Ukraine, Trade Agreement, MEPs

Applause For EU-Ukraine Association Agreement

Ukraine, Trade Agreement, MEPs

The signing of agreements is rarely accompanied by applause, shouting and the flashing of victory signs, but this one was years in the making and responsible for a major change in European affairs. Many MEPs were quick to show their joy when the EU-Ukraine Association Agreement was ratified simultaneously by the Ukrainian and European Parliaments on Tuesday 16 September, the first time in the EU’s history that such a vote took place at the same time in the EP.

The vote marks a new chapter in the EU’s relations with Ukraine at a time when the country’s relations with Russia continue to be difficult.

The agreement is expected to boost Ukraine’s income by €1.2 billion a year, while Ukrainian exports to the EU are expected to increase by €1 billion per year. In 2013, the value of Ukrainian exports to the EU was €12.8 billion.



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