Roberto Gualtieri, MEP, S&D, Italy

Roberto Gualtieri “We will keep our word and implement the EU-UK deal”

Roberto Gualtieri, MEP, S&D, Italy

At today’s Plenary debate about the conclusions of the European Council, Mr Roberto Gualtieri, one of the European Parliament’s chief negotiators – or sherpa’s – in the informal talks on the settlement regarding the future position of the UK in the European Union, said: “All 28 Member states unanimously agreed to the outcome of the negotiations. The settlement is a fair and balanced deal. I think that we need to be proud that the EU has been able to deliver in a timely manner.”

Gualtieri added: “The settlement recognizes that the UK can continue to benefit from the Single Market without being bound to the principle of ‘ever closer union’ and to further political integration, while this principle remains fully valid for the others. It also guarantees that the pound will not be discriminated against.

The settlement is fully in line with the Treaties and preserves a level playing field across the Single Market and within the Single Rulebook. Moreover, it recognizes the need for further Euro area integration.

When we will examine the Commission proposal we will respect the agreement and we will not prevent nor delay its implementation. But of course the British people will first have to say whether or not they want to remain part of the European Union.

Legally speaking, the European Parliament can only work on the basis of the Commission proposal. But, politically speaking, today’s debate clearly shows that the settlement commands a broad majority in this house. So we will be fair, we will keep our word: now it is up to the British citizens to safeguard their prosperity and their future”.

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