St Lucia - 1 - EBX Recommends

Luscious Ladera, St Lucia. Exhilaration and adventure.

St Lucia - 1 - EBX Recommends

Exhilaration and adventure, that’s Plantation Ridge at Ladera; a masterclass of villas designed with the most scenic spine-tingling view. Waking up from your four-poster bed to the green-framed ocean, mountains shrouded in mist and birds daring to venture where no man can, is not only a luxury, it’s a privilege.

The pool is right at the foot of your villa, heated to 30 degrees, with a fountain and a wooden love chair, just at the right height for peering over the side, inducing vertigo. Front and centre in the pool, on the swing, breathing in the electrifying air, safe in my haven, near to the Gods.

The sea has been sufficiently churned to toss the best seafood to the surface, selected by nature, it’s ready to be marinated and prepared for a feast. The chef, Nigel Mitchell, a St Lucian, has Cajun crackers ready, adding to the feistiness of the journey. Everything is prepared on site.

Nigel grew up here, and has taught many aspiring chefs at Ladera, sending them on their way to various cities around the world. Spreading the word. One word that won’t be spread is what’s in his secret sauce. So secret that he hasn’t named it. It is for sale in the shop if you wish to take it home, this piquant mixture heightens the senses, yet it’s difficult to put your finger on exactly what it is in it.

Like the Dasheene decadence, a flourless chocolate cake named after the restaurant, you would never guess that the staple ingredient of a scrumptious cake was missing. There is a discreet dining area for those who prefer a little more privacy, without the views – it also doubles as the wine cellar. Treat yourself to a bottle of Bollinger, before steeling yourself to meander up the ridge to the villa again.

Natural and Pure

The villas are unique, open air, and built out of local wood with stone cladding, they not only help to support the local economy, a wood factory sits within the grounds, but adds a taste of rainforest just perfect for the ethos of Ladera. Natural and pure.

St Lucia - 2 - EBX Recommends

Being eye level with the mountains and thus superior to the sea, can add a little uphill struggle to the already out of breath due to overeating crowd. Your butler will drive you in a golf cart to your door, give you a cell phone and insist that you call should you need anything. I’m not sure that you will. Everything has been catered for. There is a ‘nescessaire kit’ with binoculars, eye masks, star chart and slippers, almost like your own luxurious camping trip, gazing at the night sky, of course a four-poster bed wouldn’t be part of that scenario.

Take shelter, like the princess in Hans Christian Andersen’s Princess and the Pea story. On the mattress to test all mattresses. Climbing into it feels like slipping into a fairy-tale, draped sheet surrounding the bed, focusing through tinted mesh. Of course, there is no pea and you sleep like sleeping beauty, undisturbed until the sunrise kisses you on the cheek. Incidentally, if you love the bed you can get it shipped home. Each are handmade and many honeymooners buy them after they leave as a memento and a promise of a wonderful life ahead.

Splendidly Electric

Molten Brown is in the bathroom, the shower room is almost the same size as many condominium living spaces. It’s like a solarium with a seat, shamefully let the water run for as long as you deem fit. You are in no hurry here, the splendid electric storm generated plenty of electric.

The breakfast area has views over Sugar Beach, you’ll notice a water pistol on every table. After some deduction, the reason for its presence is to shoot at the birds who will try to pilfer your early morning delight. Squirt at leisure, they don’t really mind. Looking out over Ladera at breakfast is like viewing the roof tops of a secluded jungle village. Browns and greens mix with the dense forest below. The pool was used in the Superman Film II with Christopher Reeve, when he flies between the Pitons to get Lois Lane a perfect flower. See, even superheroes rate it.

Sample the St Lucian creole breakfast, roasted or fried bakes, salt fish with local spiced cocoa tea.  The mugs are by Ladera, it seems that there is very little not made by their own fair hands.

There is a jacuzzi and whirlpool but then again there really is no reason to leave your room. Why would you? Beautiful views, private pool, sumptuous bed and a chance of glimpsing superman through the binoculars, nestle in with the tree frogs and enjoy. Until the next time, take your little gifts of guava cheese, tamarind balls and coconut tablet and prepare to film the sequel. There is certainly no kryptonite here.


Rates for 2017 start from 645$ per night for a Gros Piton Suite, up to 1,950 $ for a Villa at Paradise Ridge.

Many honeymoon and anniversary packages are available.

Ladera is an adult only resort.

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