Windjammer, St Lucia. Caribbean Treasure - 2 - EBX Recommends

Windjammer, St Lucia. Caribbean Treasure.

Windjammer, St Lucia. Caribbean Treasure - 2 - EBX Recommends

One of the superb advantages of visiting an island is the ability to arrive in style, in almost any guise. I chose a boat, silently slipping alongside the jetty, like a pirate in the night, ready to plunder the amazing wares that lay onshore.

Solomon brought me. He has a fishing fleet. Well, not quite a fleet more a gaggle, and he is willing, for a fee, to take you to your destination, showing you the sights along the way. Ducking and diving into inlets and retelling stories like Blackbeard himself. One of the craggy outlets was used for a Pirates of the Caribbean film, Johnny Depp plundered through these waters and you should too, its riveting, albeit somewhat clumsy when you attempt to trail your suitcase along the beach to reception.

Help is always at hand. The welcoming staff come to your rescue you, a weary traveller looking for shelter. And shelter you receive. Windjammer Landings is built on the side of the cliff at the north end of the island, on one of the largest, crescent-shaped, white sand beaches St Lucia has to offer. It is a one-of-a kind resort with 175 hillside and beachside accommodations, each with views over the Caribbean Sea. It’s reminiscent of a Spanish village, whitewashed walls, terracotta rooves with subtle smells of spices and garlic in the air.

Signature Restaurants

Crammed beautifully into this inlet are six swimming pools, a selection of five signature restaurants and four bars, a spa and fitness centre, lighted tennis courts, a water sports facility and dive shop, a kids’ fun club, and four gift shops. There is also a small supermercado where you can stock up on essentials for the self-catering accommodation. You need never venture far.

Premium all-inclusive experiences are available if you would prefer not to have to lift a finger. Wander from the beach to the restaurants for breakfast, lunch and dinner and snack in-between at the ice cream stand, a must in the sweltering St Lucian heat. This a family orientated resort, there is never a shortage of ideas to keep you and the juniors occupied.

Windjammer, St Lucia. Caribbean Treasure - 3 - EBX Recommends

Each day from sunrise to sunset a raft of activities is scheduled, from yoga to water skiing, henna body art to a mixology class at the aptly named 96 Degrees in the Shade bar on the beach.  Resort back to the good old games of yore by taking part in the horse shoe throwing contest and the egg toss contest, not that the Millennials will remember those.

Weddings are choreographed weekly here. The romantic beach setting and cool breeze make this spot perfect to tie the knot. Walking the plank is not offered as an option, although a few grooms have been threatened with it when their timing was spectacularly off. Blame it on the laid-back atmosphere.

The Upper Deck

The Upper Deck restaurant excels in steak and seafood, Papa Don’s recreates Italy, Embers is on the beach, it fires up the jerk chicken wrap. Jammers provides the entertainment in the evening, with the steel pan and Caribbean Soca, or soul and calypso. They have also concocted an award winning frozen cocktail, the 14×61, the coordinates of the island. It’s made with Crystal White rum, the staple tipple of many a pirate.

Gazing out to sea after a long day of doing nothing, your curiosity is stirred by ships passing in the distance. Striving to see a jolly roger flapping or hoop earrings dancing in the moonlight. No such luck. All that can be seen on the horizon are cruise ships. With the sounds of the steel drums, waft of rum and crashing of water on the rocks, the atmosphere is set. Sitting in my jacuzzi, I could easily see how I could be persuaded to a life on the high seas. Then again, maybe not. Did I mention the jacuzzi?


Prices start at US$328.00 for a Premium Ocean View Room rising to US$2,265.00 for a North Point 3 per night.

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